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MEMO | Medical Equipment Modernization Opportunity-An EFCC mission

“Let your light so shine that people will see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Mathew 5:16


MEMO’s purpose has been to show the love of God  through the provision of redundant hospital equipment and supplies to needy health care facilities. Since 2004, MEMO has shipped 89 containers to Cuba, El Salvador, Liberia, Nicaragua and Zimbabwe, totaling millions of dollars in equipment and saving countless lives along the way.

MEMO is supported financially by individual Canadians of goodwill. It receives no government financial support.

It is accountable to the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (EFCCM Account 2-5055).

MEMO operates in an open and transparent fashion,

believing donors have a right to know the details of how their contributions are used.

MEMO expresses no political affiliation either in Canada and overseas.

If you wish to receive regular email updates on our activities every week or so you may do so by asking at

Letter from a friend...

                The year was 2006 and Shirley and I had just moved to Thunder Bay. The church had rented us an apartment while we looked for a home to buy. Meanwhile, we were given space in a warehouse on Montreal Street to store the rest of our stuff. That was our introduction to the actual work of Memo. Oh, we’d heard stories before, but the sheer size of that storage facility and the amount of equipment in it, all destined for hospitals in Cuba and the Philippines was staggering. Memo had already been going for 2 years and it showed no signs of slowing down – nor did it in the years to come as we now know.

            What a privilege it was for me to participate in that ministry, working with so many people from a variety of churches and organizations to see the work of God go forward. Lives were impacted for good, not just in other countries, but right there in Thunder Bay. Receiving shipments of donations, fixing, sorting and organizing materials, packing container after container all under the direction of Jerome and Dave March …it was a joy-filled (as well as tiring) experience for all of us.

            Over the years, things changed as different facilities were acquired for storage and volunteers came and went. After all, people’s circumstances change, sometimes enabling more participation, sometimes less, yet the one constant was Jerome’s commitment to this ongoing ministry of Memo … Wow!

Now, as you celebrate the 15th anniversary of Memo, may God bless and strengthen you all in this ongoing service. He will enable and provide as he knows best. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you in this for God’s glory and the encouragement of folk worldwide.

                                                                        Don Gillett - Grace Church Lead Pastor 2006-2017

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